Laboratoire de Géosciences du Pacifique Sud

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Publications 2002

9 publications:
  1. Andréfouët , Payri CE, Hochberg EJ, Mao Che L., and Atkinson MJ -Airborne hyperspectral detection of microbial mat pigmentation in Rangiroa atoll (French Polynesia). Limnol and Oceanogr. Special Issue COBOP.
  2. Andréfouët S., Hochberg E. J., Payri C.E, Atkinson M.J., Muller-Karger F.E. Ripley H. (sous presse). Multi-scale remote sensing of microbial mats in atolls environment.
    International Journal of Remote Sensing. Special Issue on remote sensing of the coastal marine environment
  3. Burja AM, Abou-Mansour E., Banaigs B., Payri CE, Burgess JG and Wright PC- Culture of the marine cyanobacterium, Lynbbya majuscula (Oscillatoriaceae), for bioprocess intensified production of cyclic and linear lipopeptides. Journal of Microbiological methods, 48: 207-219.
  4. Calmant S. et Bonneville A., Cartographie des fonds océaniques, P. Larouche (ed.), La télédétection appliquée à l'étude du milieu marin, Gordon&Breach. sous presse.
  5. Payri C.E. (sous presse)- Production primaire et calcification des algues benthiques en milieu corallien. Océanis
    Wookey J., Kendall M. and Barruol G., Evidence of mid-mantle deformation from seismic anisotropy, Nature, In press, 2002
  6. Failure time and critical behaviour of fracture precursors in heterogeneous materials : A. Guarino, S. Ciliberto, A. Garcimartín, M. Zei and R. Scorretti. European Physical Journal B 26, 141-151 (2002)
  7. Wookey, J., Kendall, M. and Barruol, G., Mid-mantle deformation inferred from seismic anisotropy, Nature, 415, 777-780, 2002.
  8. Barruol G. and M. Granet, A Tertiary asthenospheric flow beneath the southern French Massif Central related to the west Mediterranean extension evidenced by upper mantle seismic anisotropy, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 202, 31-47, 2002.
  9. Barruol G., D. Bosch, V. Clouard, E. Debayle, M. P. Doin, F. Fontaine, M. Godard, F. Masson, D. Reymond, A. Tommasi and C. Thoraval, PLUME investigates the South Pacific Superswell, Eos, 83, 511-514, 2002.