Laboratoire de Géosciences du Pacifique Sud

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Publications 2003

14 publications:
  1. Heintz, M., A. Vauchez, M. Assumpção, G. Barruol, and M. Egydio-Silva, Shear wave splitting in SE Brazil : an effect of active or fossil upper mantle flow, or both ?, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett, 211(1-2) : 79-95, 2003
  2. Capolsini P., Andréfouët S., Rion C. and Payri C.E. 2003, A comparison of Landsat ETM+, SPOT HRV, Ikonos, ASTER and airborne MASTER data for coral reef habitat mapping in South Pacific islands, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 29 (2) : 187-200.
  3. Bagdassarov N. S., Maumus J., Fontaine F., Schmeling H., and Ildefonse B., Physikalische Eigenschaften teilgeschmolzener Gesteine an der mittelozeanischen Spreizungsachse, Mitteilungen der Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft, No 3, p. 2-16, 2003.
  4. S. Santucci, L. Vanel, A. Guarino, R. Scorretti, and S. Ciliberto, Thermally activated rupture in homogenous brittle materials, The Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry Vol 77, Suppl. 1 (2003).
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  6. R. Scorretti, S. Santucci and A. Guarino, L. Vanel and S. Ciliberto, Failure time of elastic materials submitted to a constant load, Materials Physics and Mechanics, No 1,Vol 6 (2003).
  7. Zubia M., Payri C. E., Deslandes E. and Guezennec J. 2003. Chemical composition of attached and drift specimens of Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata (Phaeophyta : Fucales) from Tahiti, French Polynesia., Botanica Marina 46 : 562-571.
  8. Andréfouët S. M., Payri C., Hochberg E. J., Mao Che L. and Atkinson M. J. 2003. Airborne hyperspectral detection of microbial mat pigmentation in Rangiroa atoll (French Polynesia), Limnology and Oceanography 48 : 426-430.
  9. Andréfouët S., Robinson J.A., Hu C., Feldman G.C., Salvat B., Payri C.E., and Muller-Karger F.M. 2003, Influence of the spatial resolution of SeaWiFS, Landsat 7, SPOT and International Space Station data on landscape parameters of Pacific Ocean atolls, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 29(2) : 210-218.
  10. Payri, C.E. and Cabioch, G. 2003, The systematics and significance of coralline red algae in the rhodolith sequence of the Amédée 4 drill core (South-West New-Caledonia), Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 204: 187-208.
  11. Patrick Capolsini, Benoît Stoll, Serge Andrefouet, "A Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Coral Reef Mapping in South Pacific Island", IGARSS 2003, 21-25 Juillet 2003, Toulouse.
  12. Benoît Stoll, Johann Thomas, Patrick Capolsini: "A Vegetation Classification of the Opunohui Valley (Moorea Island, French Polynesia) based on a Relative Canopy-Height Class Set Using AirSAR and MASTER Data", AGU2003, 8-12 Décembre 2003, San Francisco.
  13. P. Ortéga, M. Rodière, Stability indices as thunderstorm forecast, International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, ICAE, Versailles June 2003.
  14. F. Rühling F. Heilbronner, P. Ortéga, Discharge inception under impulse voltage : Influence of lab air ion density and resulting charge-voltage relation, International Symposium on High Voltage, Delf 2003.